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Our Vintage LED Light Bulbs

Prepare to be in awe of our fabulous filament lamps. They will add an elegant and warm atmosphere to your space. We've designed a variety of shapes, sizes and filaments to make sure there's the perfect one for you. Using LED technology, you can still enjoy that gorgeous vintage look while reducing your carbon footprint.
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Vintage Look LED Bulbs Creating an Antique Ambiance in Your Home 

Light-emitting diodes have almost entirely replaced conventional lighting systems with modern technology. LED is energy-efficient, requires less maintenance and is much more long-lasting than traditional filament, halogen and CFL lamps. In both the domestic and commercial sectors, LED has taken over. Needless to say, we can miss the nostalgia of that yellow vintage style lighting effect. Vintage looking LED bulbs, also called filament LED bulbs from our vintage lighting company can meet all your expectations in terms of energy savings and warm lighting effect. 

What are Filament LED bulbs?

Dissect an LED bulb and you will see a round shaped panel on which light-emitting diode chips are arranged in a horizontal manner. Vintage style LED bulbs are different, you will find these diodes arranged in a vertical manner. Lighting designers create this unique look by mimicking traditional light patterns. They look exactly like incandescent filament light bulbs because of the linear filament style and also mimic the familiar warm yellow light. The effect is even more realistic by using an aesthetic glass coating instead of plastic.

Advantages of using vintage-style LED bulbs

1.Better light exposure

In a normal LED bulb, you will notice a white plastic shell covering from the front which causes light to scatter towards the front direction only. Vintage led bulbs in the UK come in a glass coating which spreads the warm light in all directions as compared to a modern LED lamp.

2. Create a retro-style ambience

You can create the lobby or living room ambience you are looking for in a gorgeous retro style with the help of these beautiful bulbs. We love bringing out the best in our filament bulbs by pairing them with a chandelier or pendant. 

3. Variety

We are not just talking about wattage and light intensity but these bright vintage LED bulbs also come in numerous shapes and sizes from candles, globes to pears. Manufacturers mimic the exact appearance of old filaments bulbs that disappeared from the market a long ago. 

4. Colour temperatures options

Warm colour temperature is one of the main characteristics in conventional filament bulbs, you’ll recognise this by the warm romantic glow. Now you can buy LED filament bulbs in multiple colour temperature options and these go as low as 1800 kelvins which is reminiscent of a candle flame. Thanks to the glass coating, these bulbs look just like that bulb we were all looking for. 

Vintage look LED bulbs perfectly mimic the old vintage filament style but embrace the energy efficiency of the future. Other popular products of Castello Style are fabric lighting cable and vintage style lamp shades.