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Crafted by hand with a superb gold tinted glass finish, these retro bulbs are truly lovely lighting features.
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3 Tips To Create a Mid Century Look With Castello Style Vintage Light Bulbs

Authentic vintage light bulbs are not just about nostalgia, they were designed with timeless engineering innovation that will never cease to amaze. At Castello Style, our lighting experts talk us through creating a mid-century look with classic vintage light bulbs. So here are their three tips that can create a real vintage vibe and mood in your home, workplace, restaurant or creative space.

Mid Century Look In Three Simple Steps

Vintage light bulbs and other traditional lighting came into existence in the 1800s and have inspired us since then into dreaming big and making the most of the dark hours. Although newer lighting technologies have since emerged such as halogen and LED, vintage lighting still has a place in design and in our hearts. Walk down any trendy high street and you’ll see that familiar warm filament glow in restaurants, workplaces and bars that are still embracing the classic filament light bulbs and the accessories that make them stand out. 

Start with creating contrasts

Whether you’re looking for your home or workplace, pay attention to creating contrasts. Consult an interior designer if necessary or take inspiration from different social media platforms, pinterest is a treasure trove for this. Look out for ways in which you can create contrasts using different materials, fabrics and colours. You can make the most of contrasting materials such as a rustic brick wall and fix some retro lamp shades or pendants with vintage light bulbs nearby. In a more homely space, such as a bedroom, you may want to opt for a marble or dark wood table lamp and incorporate a classic vintage bulb to create a creative space. 

Play with colours

As you know colours play an important role in defining the look and feel of a space. Vintage light bulbs come in either clear, smoky or gold coated glass. These subtle differences can affect the aura of your space. Make sure you pick colours that compliment the other furniture in the room or the existing colours of your walls. 

Consider shapes and patterns

Mid-century looks are mostly about uncomplicated shapes and patterns. Curved shape patterns are the most common designs that create a soft mid-century look. Vintage light bulbs come in pear, globe and tubular shapes and choosing the one for you will depend on the space available to you and also the look you are trying to achieve. Why not mix it up and embrace a variety of styles within the vicinity? 

Consider the above tips, feel the difference and reach out to us if you need any suggestions.