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Our Pendants

The Opus drop cap pendant is handcrafted and is a timeless lighting feature designed to create a dramatic effect. It can be used with a lampshade, easy-to-fit ceiling shade or just a feature bulb. Each pendant length can be adjusted and hooked onto a solid metal hook screwed into the ceiling, ensuring a beautifully unique and sculptural shape. The hooks can also be installed directly into your ceiling to spread the pendants out above any furniture so that you can create your ideal style. The set includes an adjustable fabric cable, an edison screw cap lamp holder and a ceiling rose. See your ceiling in a whole new light with our desirable, decorative lighting designs.
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Vintage Pendant Lighting

If you are thinking of renovating your commercial or living space today or simply want to add some more character to your space, the professionals of Castello Style, vintage lighting company,  believe that this starts with lighting. More than a mere afterthought, lighting is often the first thing that is noticed and when done right, will set the mood you intend. Lighting is an essential aspect of interior design as well as functionality.

Pendant Lighting Solutions

That being said, choosing the right light can be tricky. Start with understanding what levels of natural light are coming into the space at different stages of the day. You’ll then be able to decide on whether ceiling lights will suffice or if you’ll need additional lighting. Among all the kinds of lighting like pendant ceiling lights, vintage led bulbs, vintage light bulbs, fabric lighting cable and vintage style lamp shades, hanging pendant lights are  always a great way to set the mood for your space. They come in a variety of finishes, colours and styles and you’ll still be free to select which light bulbs to use depending on your dimming and brightness requirements. If you’re looking for a more classic look, a great way to go is antique pendant lights. 

Choose pendant lights depending on the room

Dining room - Dining rooms require direct lighting focused on the table to add focus to the delicious food and those enjoying it. Such a focal setting deserves high quality bright lighting which can easily be provided by using pendant lights above the dining table. Depending on the decor, existing furniture pieces and the whole room theme that you are going for, there’s definitely the right retro light pendant for you. 

Living Space - The living room, whether it be in the home or a waiting area in an office space, revolves around relaxation and comfort. Make the most of the natural lighting that you have available by moving your seating arrangement near windows. For a cozy atmosphere, evening lighting should be warm and calming, warm white light bulbs and floor and table lamps are great options. For more evenly distributed light, using two or three pendant lights is recommended. 

Private Space - Pendant ceiling lights work wonders in bedrooms or at-home office spaces for a general ambience. However, for extra lighting during the late nights, you can also use floor lamps or table lamps to truly layer your lighting.