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Our Lamp Shades

We offer a wide range of lamp shades made with a high quality metal finish in a range of designs, colours and shapes. The perfect addition to accent or feature lighting and add ambient lighting to your space.
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Decorate Your Space with Vintage Style Lamp Shades to Create Retro- Inspired Functional Spaces!

Vintage style lampshades are thriving in this day and age. They add an accent of interest into any room. They are also best paired alongside other medieval or vintage classic filament bulbs that transform any space into a cosy spot. You can easily buy these classic vintage style lamp shades online on Castello Style today. 

The metal head lampshades that come in a variety of colours can be suited to any room that you prefer. They can lift the retro feel of any space and can also be combined with other retro or modern furniture materials to make the best modern interior decor. The metal finish stands out in a room full of items, drawing your attention, at all times. Buy these vintage style lamp shades for your lamps today!